Remote Inspections

NORAK COMPANY Remote Inspections: How translation services can help you. I have read many reports on the changing world we now face and how these changes affect the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Some changes will be short-lived; others such as remote inspections will to a greater extent remain.  Depending on the individual parties for each […]

LSPN Connect. Joining the community

LSPN Connect. Joining the community

NORAK COMPANY Joining LSPN Connect was an important decision for us, reflecting our objectives to be ever more reactive to the needs of our friends within the Life Sciences. With nearly 30 years of hard gained know-how over the global landscape of patent, regulatory and clinical translations, Norak Pharma is happy to be part of […]

The regulators and policy makers

post covid

NORAK COMPANY As a service provider to the healthcare industry, I am now established in a different mode of expectation – which is wanting greater “Clarity” into what lies ahead. Whilst “Clarity” itself is a challenge, predicting which roads we will need to travel down due to trends throwing up multiple outcomes, innovations and policies […]

The vision ahead

The vision ahead

NORAK COMPANY 27 years ago, Norak completed its first global patent translation project. A landmark that remains special to us. Over the following 27 years we have been a valued partner to those supporting research and development, ensuring we play our part in securing the commercial interests of not only the Pharma Industry but also […]



NORAK COMPANY With the growing interest in repurposing drugs for a 2nd medical use, our professional translation teams come with strong know-how and skill sets in patent translations. With our ability to navigate these complex environments, our aim is to simply support the need for commercialised success.

Say welcome to Norak Pharma!

Say welcome to Norak Pharma

NORAK COMPANY The Norak Group has been supplying expert translations across all pharma disciplines for over 25 years. Norak Pharma is an insightful service development, bringing together all our SME linguistics and professionals as focused translation teams to our pharma friends. I am very proud to be part of this team of skilled people who […]