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Our ‘bench to market’ service approach allows us to specialise in individual service disciplines, whilst also closely working with you throughout a products lifecycle giving us the flexibility needed to collaborate in your desired and unique way. This approach offers you quality solutions based on experienced knowhow.


Our services for the pharma industry

Our language solutions portfolio consists of four core elements: Translation, transcreation, localisation and interpretation. These are all used to the specific needs of your many various disciplines, from patents to protocols to simultaneous interpretations, software and website localisation to patient information leaflets and installation manuals to corrective action reports. Norak Pharma can offer highly-skilled teams who specialise in each sector.

Patent translations:

Norak is proud of our recent landmark achievement in passing the 500,000th high-quality patent and legal document translation.



No matter how straightforward a translation project might seem, a professional approach must be established even before documents have been received. To bridge understandings between two languages, whilst staying true to the overall message needs specific skill sets that must be matched to the overall parameters and project needs.



Localisation means adapting a document, Packaging, software or website to suit a specific culture, market or regional language. In this case, translation is just one of the many aspects of the localisation process.


The term transcreation, is a relatively new concept that fuses translation and creation. It is commonly used by advertising and marketing professionals, and refers to the process of adapting a message to another language while conserving aspects such as purpose, style and emotions. The activities of transcreation and translation are related, but they are not identical activities.



There are different types of interpreting, and each situation requires a different approach. Norak advises clients to help them choose the most suitable interpreter to suit the projects unique requirements. We deliver: Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Liaison (or link) interpreting, Whispering interpretation (or Chuchotage) and Sworn Interpreting.



Norak Pharma places efficient software and content processing tools such as SDL, Trados, Across, Transit, Passolo and XBench are all at your disposal. All of these tools are crucial for efficient, reliable and consistent translations. It through having the correct resources that Norak can guaranty consistency, and terminological accuracy. Along with the need for fast process and cost effective solutions.
our team

Our team

We only entrust the translations from your valuable assets only to native speakers of the target language. To comply with our ISO EN–15038 certification, we can only recruit and use native qualified, specialised and experienced professional translators. No aficionados, no amateurs. Only qualified and experienced professionals translating to their native language.

We require our employees to have a university-level qualification and, above all, 5 years proven experience in their sector of specialisation. As an added control to quality standards, Norak applies its own translation vetting programme during the recruitment stage to which only 20% of applicants make it. As a result, you can count on professionals, who will provide translations of a scientific, technical, commercial, legal, marketing or general nature to the highest of standards.

Global footprint

With headquarters and production centres in Madrid, Hong Kong and London and regional offices in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Austria and Romania, Norak has the infrastructure, sustainability and resources to commit to serious partnerships requiring complex stakeholder management.

Norak puts at your service more than 4,000 professional translators, all native, certified and highly specialised. As a global company we consistently work in 160+ language combinations and have the outreach to work in other languages on an occasional basis.

We currently translate over 5 million words a month with capacity set at a much higher level. That’s the equivalent to 3,000 days or 24,000 hours of translation work, every month.

If you have the work, we have the capacity! Quality is our language!

norak pharma gloabl footprint

Worldwide offices

Norak is a international company with headquarters and production centre in Madrid, and offices in Hong Kong and London. We have representatives and sales executives in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Romania and Spain.
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