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Some thoughts on selecting a translation partner for strategic success

Which points should one consider when selecting a translation partner?

In recent years, huge inroads have been made in the way we manage our supply chain and the partners within it. Strong product branding is starting to mean more than simple on-the-shelf product recognition. The new challenge which, to many in the healthcare industry, remains hidden are the words and terminology a company uses. How companies use our global languages in setting the content to audience is becoming the new front line for the end user buying-in to your product or brand.

The transparency and correctness is also the buy-in for health authorities and investors. The impact of Covid-19 has brought many unexpected changes to our world. Moving forward, I would argue that people simply want more readily understandable information, readability testing of the “Patient Information Leaflet” was a good step forward in aiding this. We now have the new “Clinical Trial Lay Summaries” offering access to a trial´s outcome, for those of us who are not clinical or medical experts. The “Covid” pandemic has simply accelerated the public´s and subsequently the end-user´s interest in wanting to understand more. So it is more critical now than it ever was, to make the right choices in your global language and the partners who help you manage it, as this new and changing landscape might offer you the terminology that differentiates you from your competitors.

The basic approach in choosing a translation partner is not an expensive or time consuming process in comparison to choosing a CDMO partner, however the process is not so dissimilar. It is a simple matter of understanding what to look for in your anticipated present and future needs, aligning these needs to the objectives you want to meet over time.

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