Norak: Importance of Translation

The importance of tailored and customized translations


With the growing importance of language and terminology and plenty of providers on the market claiming expertise, it is more critical than ever to make the right choices in regards to your translation partner.

It is vital to understand that each of our customers have individual needs! Same counts for their products, markets, focus groups, needs, choice of language(s) and of course their end-customers.

Absolute correctness in the translation process is of paramount importance across the whole life cycle of professional disciplines. Of equal importance is how the translation projects are approached; centralised, decentralised, bundled with other work profiles or separated out.

Only a group of well-selected, skilled and experienced translation experts will be able to realize and meet the demand of each project. It is therefore important to comprehend the real knowledge strengths of your translation partner and how and where they fit your unique needs. With 29 years of strong partnership experience, Norak understands the importance of such on-boarding processes and the lifelong partner- and friendships they can bring.

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