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The importance of translations in the global market

Respecting your global market.

The importance of translations in the global market

Translators have an image of tradition which started way back when Saint Jerome, the patron saint of translators, translated the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin. The impact of this single translation on the world was significant. However, the world has since changed but the importance of good translations has not.

When looking at an approach of partnership we are normally faced with the initial questions of “why?”, and comments such as “this is how we have always done it”. For sure, change can mean added pressure. However, Norak sees change as a way of “positive disruption” to overcome the unique operational challenges of expanding global markets. Such operational challenges run parallel to the language demands of a global market. This is where we recognise that the translated word is not simply a doorway helping customers and suppliers to know you are there. The translated word is the window that allows your customers to see and buy into your product and global branding. The translated word is also the window for your supply chain partners to understand your QA and compliance needs across all continents. The translated word is an important lubricant in today’s global markets.

So when starting a partnership approach, the two questions we ask are: “Why do you need translations and “Where can our translation expertise, our know-how and our processes bring added value to your global vision?”

The simple truth is that all our clients work globally and need localised solutions. To bridge the gap between these two points requires a vision of partnership from both sides. So our aim is to deliver services with relationship benefits, taking away the extra effort when growing.

We at Norak, translate for clients in highly regulated and sensitive industries. We understand these worlds and can bring added values with us. This means centralised quality at localised levels, using intelligent systems to save the valuable resources of time, using our know-how to bring continuity of terminology and quality, centralised billing, high level financial reports, simplified project management, “follow the sun” capabilities, but most of all we understand that through our services, both respecting your global market and the work we do in translating your most valuable of assets helps to bring your markets closer to your door.

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