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With the continuously growing demands of a globalised work force, Life Science companies are being ever more stretched in harmonising objectives at both management and operational levels. We understand the importance you place in your social capital and that it is the social capital that defines you.

The demands of aligning a work force built from many different cultures to work towards the same quality goals and the same philosophies of excellence are a significant challenge. Everyone working to the same standards and processes is vital in order to enable individuals and teams to realise the importance of their role and how they affect outcomes.


Training and E-learning translations can be some of the most challenging projects

Translations for
Training and E-Learning

Training and E-learning translations can be some of the most challenging projects with source materials coming from a broad selection of formats: Everything from power-point presentations to multimedia platforms involving graphs, charts, illustrations, plain text and video, its content being both technical and operational.

Our regulated processes and structures ensure that our translation teams carefully selected for your project will have the industry experiences and qualifications needed to not only meet your needs but to also overcome the project challenges. Our approach as always will be to deliver the highest possible quality with a ‘right first time’ approach to every project.

Each translation project we complete goes through a defined quality process with industry qualified translators, proof readers, linguistics and quality control teams, so if it is a multimedia production, product blog, operational manual or market information, our teams can deliver to your satisfaction.


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We understand the importance of nurturing talent and training colleagues. Our work experience programme develops the skills of future professionals and instils Norak’s values and philosophy, so they can enter the job market with the greatest potential for success.
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