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However straightforward a translation might seem, when it comes to legal or intellectual property translations the demands of international law firms and legal departments are very well understood. The challenges in translating legal and intellectual property documents arise from the complex landscape of a globalised world. We have proven our worth in terms of quality demands in accuracy and precision approx.500,000 times over the past 25 years. Where the Norak brand stands apart is when our quality structure is coupled with the Norak team’s ability to circumnavigate the maze of industrial differences, world cultures and regional differences towards harmonised documents.

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Today Norak is recognized as one of Europe’s top 5 IP translation specialists

Our cultural awareness comes from our deep understanding based on a huge volume of experiences enabling us to meet the changing attitude in areas such as confidentiality and the protection of corporate values. The translation world has become so much more complex than simply creating a bridge between two languages where the translator considers all the nuances, ensuring the translated words stay true to the original message.

Legal and patent translations are the oldest service profiles the Norak Group has provided to the world. In 2020 the Norak team passed the benchmark of 500,000 translations solely for patents and legal documents, of which over 25,000 patents for the pharma industry. We therefore are well versed in the nuances that you should expect from your service partner.

Patent & IP

The Norak Pharma and the Norak Group is very experienced on all the stages that must be met to allow a satisfactory outcome to an IP translation. Whether your need is for filing or for information Norak Pharma and the Norak Group can guide you through the full process.

Commonly translated documents:

Legal Translations

Legal translations provide a much broader space with needs crossing complex team structures. Documents we commonly translate cross the disciplines of Human Resources, Corporate communications, Sales and Marketing.

To meet these varied demands Norak Pharma offers both translation and interpretation solutions. Understanding the project scope and needs, we will advise on the best service profiles to offer complete satisfaction.

On-site translations and interpretation, can support corporate level negotiations, FTE translation teams can overcome the continuity challenges needed for complex A&M activities as well as department restructuring to new standards.

Sworn Translations

People often confuse sworn translation with legal translation. Although some translations can be both, sworn translation encompasses more subjects and fields than legal translation alone.

Basically, the linguist producing a sworn translation is certified by an official body.  The translator, or a competent authority, signs and stamps the translated material to certify that the version in the target language is a true and faithful version of the attached original.

Many types of documents require sworn translations, such as:

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Norak is a international company with headquarters and production centre in Madrid, and offices in Hong Kong and London. We have representatives and sales executives in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Romania and Spain.
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