Confidentiality & Security

Central to our working practice is the need to maintain confidentiality. Project data and information extends throughout the Norak’s project team. Therefore, all the people in the working chain and partnership process down to the valued translators and interpreters all sign specific confidentiality agreements, so Norak’s full chain acts within the contractual boundaries towards maintaining confidentiality towards your product and market activity.

High-level security files
Data Protection Act.

Norak is also responsible to the Data Protection Act. Being registered and audited by competent authorities under the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Our processes and certifications are applicable to the Security Document for Automated Files containing high-level security and personal data and therefore meets all the technical and organisational requirements that apply to the protection, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the processed personal data pursuant to the Data Protection Act.

It is because of our high standards in Security and confidentiality that the Norak Group not only works at Government and Defence levels but why we are also recognised as a leading Patent and IP partner where so many of our clients trust us to translate highly confidential information concerning IP and strategically market sensitive materials.

Requiring extremely high levels of security and confidentiality.


Quality standards
and certification

Norak is regulated and audited to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the specific translation certificate ISO 17100:2015. As an established and effective partner delivering quality language solutions, we like you, work to robust processes and daily demands that are underpinned by monitored and audited certifications. Our processes ensure that the best and most qualified translation professionals are used to undertake assignments to completion. These standards also ensure that your projects are revised by an independent qualified linguist and finally submitted to strict quality control procedures before being returned to you.
The translation process therefore comprises three stages: Translation and revision by the translator, revision by another professional linguist and the quality control process used by Norak Pharma and the Norak Group for all translations. This is why so many of our clients trust us to translate highly confidential information concerning medical records, arms, legal issues, etc. that require extremely high levels of protection and confidentiality.

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