Norak Pharma places efficient software and content processing tools such as SDL, Trados, Across, Transit, Passolo and XBench are all at your disposal. All of these tools are crucial for efficient, reliable and consistent translations. It through having the correct resources that Norak can guaranty consistency, and terminological accuracy. Along with the need for fast process and cost effective solutions.

Norak works with specialized, state-of-the-art tools

Our state-of-the-art tools will help you to both maintain and guarantee the quality in your texts while also reducing costs. When we talk about a CAT tool, we’re talking about a Computer-Assisted Translation tool, i.e. software assisting translation processes (including translation, edition, proofreading and quality control). Once a translation has been carried out, translation memories store this data and then suggest the old translation you used in the past (or even in the same text) for future translations to help you maintain the same meaning and be consistent. Another benefit is that translation memories also make the translation process faster thanks to these suggestions.

CAT tools allow us to work hand in hand with glossaries and create them from scratch. While translating, having selected the glossary we want to work with, our software will propose the terminology preferred by our client. In terms of quality control and assurance, CAT tools also include the processes that highlight discrepancies between the source text and the target text or even in the target text itself, checking for inconsistencies between paragraphs. Norak works with any all kinds of CAT-Tools such as e.g.  SDL Trados, MemoQ, Transit, etc. together with other independent QA software such as e.g. XBench, among others.

Machine Translation

Norak offers its clients the opportunity to benefit from the use of machine translation by combining and optimizing it with their language assets. Throughout the past few years, we have fed our databases and translation memories with the content of the translations performed for our usual clients, incorporating their own terminology and style. We can now combine these assets with a controlled application of neural machine translation, always reviewed by the best professional native translators in the target language and experts in the subject matter, to obtain better quality translations at a competitive price and in a shorter time.

Thanks to adaptive technology, our own machine translation engine can “learn” from the translations executed and thus ensure the consistency and cohesion of the texts. Unlike an uncontrolled machine translation or the services offered by other suppliers, all of Norak´s projects meet ISO quality standards for language services, which implies a thorough translation editing and revision process that distinguishes us from our competitors.

This is a controlled and efficient way to take advantage of the knowledge stored in our translation memories and, at the same time, a way to ensure the continuity of assets, which will continue to be fed and complemented as further projects are accomplished. The result is greater optimization of translation times for your future projects, improved consistent quality and price adjustment.

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Worldwide offices

Norak is a international company with headquarters and production centre in Madrid, and offices in Hong Kong and London. We have representatives and sales executives in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Romania and Spain.
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