Clinical trials

Clinical trials bring many challenges to our partners where urgent translations are needed. We therefore make our services as flexible as possible to be able to meet your unique and urgent request. We understand that Clinical Trials are complex and demanding, hence, having received the source documents, we review and advise on the best translation approach or method for your project.

clinical trials

We find that spending a few more minutes listening to you and understanding your needs helps in setting the best translation team for your project.

Translations for
Clinical Trials

At Norak Pharma we have the full resources of the NorakTrad Group at our disposal. Industry-skilled translators and Interpreters, highly skilled project managers and customer service teams will support your trials by moving your translation projects forward to a satisfactory conclusion. The skills of Norak Pharma are not simply technical and resource driven. Real global cultural awareness, deep set ethical values will ensure your corporate integrity is held safe to the same high standards as your confidentiality and valuable data is kept secret.


Worldwide offices

Norak is a international company with headquarters and production centre in Madrid, and offices in Hong Kong and London. We have representatives and sales executives in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Romania and Spain.
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