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Innovation through experiences are important drives that solidify growing partnerships. It is a basic human and business desire to do things well. So Norak Pharma is no different in wanting to offer high quality language solutions. How Norak Pharma sets itself apart is how it sets quality values throughout all our internal processes and in wanting to seek those gaps that will allow our translations to offer increased value to our clients.

Helping to unblock stagnant products and supporting drives to prevent the constant drain and wastage of vital internal resources are two areas where Norak Pharma seek to bring added value to our clients.

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At Norak Pharma, we strive to stand with you to illuminate internal misunderstanding supporting you to reach your objectives.

With a global supply chain Norak can localise key technical documents and SOP’s to ensure regional understanding. Another way Norak Pharma can help is to work with you in understanding what skills we can bring to bear that might support your Partner management activities. Identifying what needs to be localised to unblock slowed production resulting in reduced supply. Finding the solution that illuminates the gap of internal misunderstandings that can cause considerable delays through prolonged back and forth texts between technical and global stakeholders.

At an operational level there are so many avenues open, where high levels of resources can be drained away unnecessarily. Not only does Norak Pharma offer high quality translations, we also offer ‘on site translations’ FTP translation teams and Interpreters all set to help you insure the message of corrective actions gets to the coal face and all production levels. Technical resources in this area of translation service offerings is secondary to our global cultural awareness and deep set Ethical Values that will ensure your corporate integrity is protected.

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Norak is a international company with headquarters and production centre in Madrid, and offices in Hong Kong and London. We have representatives and sales executives in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Romania and Spain.
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