Norak: Expertise & Experience

Expertise and experience secures a route to market

To start with…what is the glossary?

To some companies, the thought that translations actually help to secure a route to market is not so obvious. Others might think, translations are an added cost and all attempts must be made to eliminate such unwanted expenditures. Though, a good indication of a strong translation partner is one who constantly seeks to bring added value. One who brings experiences of your own industry to your table.

With my past experience, including 14 years in pharma, touching the disciplines of regulatory and clinical and heading up a specialist pharma packaging CMO, I got to sit on many audits, reviews and corrective action discussions. I also faced several OOS situations. It was during these times that I started to understand how language can help the information from high level meetings disseminate down to the operational activities in all regional centres, how a translation partner can help create indirect savings through expertise and experience.

Understanding how a potential strategic translation partner can innovate its services in regards to high volume as well as low volume work is an important box to tick ☑ when assessing your options.

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