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Final thoughts

Flexibility overcomes all.


As companies and enterprises grow, their markets, product ranges, the number of languages, demands and requirements from their customers also increase. Thus, their infrastructure including choice and number of suppliers must adapt quickly to meet new demands.

What cannot be ignored in the future is the growing demands of the patient and market to know and understand more. The importance of finding indirect savings through how you share key documents and instructions to partners around the world. For sure your translated words and terminology may be the first point of contact a patient, health authority or investor has in understanding your values and your products.

Having a structured approach in how many translations partners a company works with and why, is going to become an increasingly important factor for many companies working within the Life Science and Healthcare envelopes.

There are many different types of translation providers ranging from a single person with one language, to companies with much larger and more complex service offerings, it is ensuring that each bring something unique and important to your table. Very often it might make sense and could be vital to have more than one partner to ensure you can get tailored and customized translations fast and reliably, no matter how busy you are and regardless of size and number of the project(s).

Considering the points discussed over this past week, might help to create the perfect chemistry between you, your approach towards translations and subsequently your translation partner or partners.

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