Norak: Translation Glossary

Who owns the translation glossary!

To start with…what is the glossary?

translation glossary

In short; the glossary is an important database that grows with each completed translation project. The glossary is an accumulation of repeating words, phrases, instructions on style and preferred terminology which is used and adhered to for all current and future projects. So over time it not only becomes a useful but very essential tool to ensure constant high quality.

But back to the question…

Regardless of what others think, Norak Pharma and its parent company NorakTrad hold the view that the glossary is built up in cooperation with the customer. It is the two-way communication and the shared projects that create the glossary! So of course, the glossary is to a large part the property of the client and consequently the client can have full access to the glossary to the point of requesting the insight and/or delivery of the glossary, should they so wish.

Therefore, the question is: ”Why would a translation partner insist on holding the ownership of a glossary when it is only created through trust and cooperation?”

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